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Our story

Airy started off at a humble coffee shop when the founding partners were having an after work kopi and teh peng session. Despite the ceiling fans, we started sweating and started unbuttoning our sleeves. As we look around, everyone in formal was doing the same thing. This is not right we thought, and since formal clothes can’t be replaced, We focused on underwear, which we soon came to realize hasn’t had one designed specifically for Singapore’s lifestyle and weather.

We started sourcing for different types of materials with the focus on cooling and came across a few branded underwear that has premium materials but were way too costly for the majority. After many research and testing, we came up with a special blend of 2 materials, exclusive only to us.

Our design

Arctic Mesh is used in high quality jerseys used in professional sports. Placing them on the sides, we avoid any exposure of men’s privates while allowing your inner thighs to feel that extra breeze of air and for human heat to dissipate quicker. Compared to the normal mesh, Arctic Mesh is thinner with more tiny holes which allows stretch-ability yet remain durable.

Feather-lite Nylon material that is ultra thin yet silky smooth. Specifically selected to provide a soft feel against men’s private, its water resistant nature keeps the area dry and clean even after a long day(or even days). Unlike normal nylon materials found elsewhere, our Feather-lite Nylon is extremely lightweight and cooling.

Due to the nature of these materials, our underwear has to be hand sewn. Machines may cause inconsistency as well and unexpected tearing so we do it piece by piece, by hand.

What comes out from our unique blend is an extremely cooling, durable and most importantly comfortable underwear at an affordable price for Singaporeans.

Why choose us

Look at the current brands of underwear you have in your cupboard. They are made to cater for 4 seasons and dry climate. While cotton is comfortable, it is not meant for multiple layers of clothing’s in a humid and hot Singapore all year round.

While we use premium materials, we keep our cost low by avoiding heavy marketing cost and ambassadors. We understand that the hot bodied models and celebrities make the product look good but also results in the cost being doubled or tripled.

Our products are hand sewn because of the ultra thin materials we used. You may not get an ultra neat inner sewing but they are done by hand with a standard specifically for our product. Our materials have been tested vigorously and we use them ourselves everyday.

Being a local business, you can be assured that we can easily be reached. Remember, we drink teh and sin on Roti Prata like you, so drop us a message if you want to say hi!

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